Monday, November 7, 2011

Human Biology and Space Radiation Issues

Sometimes natural disasters remind us of just how fragile human beings really are, and then afterwards we realize how resilient humans can be, as we find inspiration to rebuild and not give up - it's just amazing to me really. Although they may not seem so at the time, natural disasters here on Earth are not the end of the world. If you have a few moments I would like to discuss this with you from a philosophical standpoint, and offer some guidance on what we can learn by studying and doing research on these things for the future.

You see, after the giant Japanese Earthquake, I'd written an interesting piece titled; "We should study the radiation effects of the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami Fukishima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster and Apply What We Learn for Future Space Missions." Why you ask? Simple really, in space our astronauts and travelers will be subject to a massive amount of space radiation.

An individual reading that article gave me some positive feedback for which I thanked them profusely and I added that; indeed, I would say that our discussion on this topic is more than apropos to the current solar flares which are happening, and the biological effects for those at the international space station. Our astronauts will be subjected to space radiation, and the X-Flares which ensue during the solar maximum period. We should be studying these things, and understanding the biological effects.

One thing that folks are not talking about is the challenges to human eyesight. In fact we might someday find out that folks who have gone on space missions have severe challenges with their eyesight when they get back from the radiation of space. Long-term spaceflight is quite serious, especially within our solar system close to our Sun, outside of our solar system we do not know yet how much space radiation there will be, we cannot assume that it will be void of such radiation, in fact it could be much worse, and there could be challenges to severe cosmic frequency bombardment.

Humans returning to Earth may end up blind by the time they get here. Living inside of a space capsule, they will eventually know where everything is, and even if they do go blind they can probably deal with it. They may need to have special goggles which they will have to wear all the time to protect their eyesight, and perhaps other types of protective clothing to protect other sensitive organs. These are things we must study for the future if we are to boldly go. Please consider all this and think on it.