Friday, September 2, 2011

How Do Psychics See Into The Future?

Each psychic is slightly different so it is impossible to answer the question of how does a psychic see the future. The question needs to be rephrased to in what ways are people with psychic abilities able to see into the future?

One way that a psychic sees into the future is in their dreams. They dream almost like it was a movie and they see things that are about to happen to people, and sometimes they even see things that are about to happen to the whole world. Their dreams are like the visions that the Native Americans had and they use these visions to help others see what is going to happen to them.

Some psychics see the future because a spirit guide is showing them what is going to occur. The spirit is generally connected to someone the psychic is in touch with and attempting to tell that person something they should know about their future. Some of these psychics work with tarot cards or angel cards to help them to understand exactly what the spirits are telling them.

There are psychics that read and understand the astrological signs and the alignment of the planets, the moon, and the sun. These astrological signs tell the psychics the things they need to know about the person according to the day and year that the person was born. The psychic can look at the different movements that are going to happen with the forces of the universe and they can predict some of the things that are going to happen to the people they are talking to.

Sometimes a psychic goes into a trance and their spirit seems to travel out of their physical body and into the future. They see the future as if they had traveled to another city and they can walk the streets of that city and peer into the shops and homes. The problem is that the psychic that is having this vision will not be allowed full access to the future. They will only be allowed glimpses and then they must interpret those glimpses and see what the meaning of them are, they will need to assemble them like pieces of a puzzle. Sometimes psychics get things wrong when they do not decipher the message correctly, they are only human after all and there are many different levels of psychic ability, including the whole spectrum from mediums to tarot readers to psychics.